From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search.Standard separation procedures may be applicable in the case of normal expiration of a contract.At the moment the important thing was the selection, the separation.

Manual separation may also be used to separate certain accessories from mobile phone handsets and, in some cases, plastic parts may be separated for recycling.The false assumption of separation through the rejection of the symbiotic relationship of life.The main issue under discussion in Italy is the separation of activities.

Several participants observed an increase in hostile rhetoric by both unity supporters and those who favoured separation.You can visualize this separation process similar to traffic on a highway that separates into two roads, with one road going into a low-clearance tunnel under a mountain, and the other road going around.Separation may refer to: Contents, arts, entertainment, and media edit, films edit, separation (1967 film), a British feature film written by and starring Jane Arden and directed by Jack Bond.