Mortal Online, eND user license agreement, yOU should carefully read THE following END user license agreement before installing this software program.If we are unable to process your credit card at a renewal period, your Account may be immediately terminated.

Obtain an Account, you will be required to choose both one (1) login name and at least one (1) player name for each of your characters within the Game.All fees are stated in European "euro".As part of your Account, you can upload content, including but not limited to graphics, to our servers in various forms, such as in the selections you make for the Game and in chat rooms and similar user-to-user areas (collectively, your "Content.

5.We describe our fees and billing procedures at m, which are incorporated by reference.Such amendments shall be effective whenever we make the notification available for your review.You understand that we may update or otherwise enhance the Software at any time and in doing so incur no obligation to furnish such updates to you pursuant to this Agreement.