A b Clark, John (Autumn 1999).101 The Strand between 17His shop was one of the first to have gas lighting fitted.

Nåttarö strand

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Hotten, oclc Herbert Fry (1880 "The Strand", London in 1880, London: David Bogue (bird's eye view) Charles Dickens (1882 "Strand", Dickens's Dictionary of London, London: Macmillan.In the 19th century, The Strand became a newly fashionable address and many avant-garde writers and thinkers gathered here, among them Thomas Carlyle, Charles Dickens, John Stuart Mill, Ralph Waldo Emerson and the scientist Thomas Henry Huxley.The philatelist Stanley Gibbons opened a shop. .

77 Virginia Woolf wrote about the Strand in several of her essays, including "Street Haunting: A London Adventure 78 and the novel Mrs."The Gunpowder Plot Society".Notable residents edit The print seller Rudolph Ackermann lived and worked. .