The incident triggered a diplomatic crisis between Sweden and the Soviet Union.Archived 17 November 2007 at the Wayback Machine However, Sweden's largest territorial extent lasted from 1319 to 1343 with Magnus Eriksson ruling all of the traditional lands of Sweden and Norway.Archived from the original on Retrieved "Country Comparison: Area".

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"Swedish neutrality and economic warfare in World War I".However, Charles did not pursue the Russian army, instead turning against PolandLithuania and defeating the Polish king, Augustus II, and his Saxon allies at the Battle of Klissow in 1702.However, many organizations and agencies require the use of the council's publication Svenska skrivregler in official contexts, with it otherwise being regarded as a de facto orthographic standard.

In winter however the same high-pressure systems sometimes puts the entire country far below freezing temperatures.The two languages began to diverge during the 12th century.